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Permanently Removes all Odours.

Ozone is a very strong oxidizer. As it oxidizes an odour ozone will literally destroy the substance’s molecules. Ozone will neutralise virtually all organic odours, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element. This will include all the bacteria and fungus groups as well as smoke, decay, and cooking odours. Destroy Unpleasant Odours.
    Kills Bacteria

A big problem in controlling infections is that some strains of bacteria can build up a resistance to certain chemical disinfectants. Ozone, on the other hand, kills bacteria within a few seconds by a process known as “cell lysing”. Ozone molecularly ruptures the cellular membrane, disperses the cell’s cytoplasm, and makes reactivation impossible. Because of this, micro-organisms cannot develop ozone resistant strains, thus eliminating the need to change biocides periodically. (Nara Medical University Study Confirms That Ozone Inactivates Sars-cov-2).
    Destroys Viruses

Viruses and most bacteria can be inactivated and destroyed by exposure to ozone that can be produced from a small portable commercial generator in settings such as conference halls, conference rooms and offices, hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins and healthcare facilities. Ozone will destroy a virus in a concentration of 2 parts per million in less than two minutes, and with greater humidity ozone is even more rapidly lethal to all viruses. Improving Infection Control.
    Carbon and Energy Consumption – Sustainability

Our range of OC products produce Ozone which is simply 3 Oxygen atoms. This means no chemicals are used in the process. We harness “Ambient Air Conditions” technology to produce the Ozone. This ensures that no extra consumables like Oxygen Canisters or Dried Air are required. Therefore, with no chemical consumption and the only energy used is electricity, using less than a 12W lightbulb for the duration of the rapid treatment. This process is highly sustainable. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
    Circular Economy

Our OC1500 and OC700 are manufactured to very high British Standards and are designed to produce an indefinite lifespan. This is therefore extremely cost effective to maintain peak performance. Essentially our products are “bulletproof”. Our design and manufacturing assembly is based on that parts are either fixable, reusable, recyclable or can be refurbished at very low cost. This “Circular Economy” concept moves away from the old model of “Buy, use and throw away” to “Buy, use and use again”. Circular Economy and Ozone Clean.
    Rapid ROI

Due to the reduction in chemicals, deep cleaning allows labour to be used more effectively, by allowing cleaning staff to be reallocated, bringing commercial areas (bedrooms, meeting, and conference rooms etc) back into the revenue stream within 15-120 minutes, our product range will generate an extremely rapid ROI. Costs and Carbon footprint are reduced while revenue and efficiency are increased. Return on Investment.
    Healthier Environment

Think about the cocktail of chemicals that are used in air fresheners and forgers that you would be breathing in if the area you are staying or working is treated like this. It does not take much thought to realise it is not the healthiest of environments. Once an area has been treated with Ozone (3 oxygen atoms) and all residual Ozone has been removed or the unit produces a small, controlled amount of Ozone – this area is a much healthier environment for all individuals, especially those suffering from allergies where a reaction to the chemicals used is possible. How Ozone Works.
    Better Customer service

As our equipment is manufactured to an extremely high quality with the OC1500 and OC700 having an indefinite lifespan we have recognised that first class customer service is essential to develop and more importantly keep our clients and relationships. As most organisations need things done yesterday it is crucial that supplier is low maintenance and reliable. There is always someone at the end of the phone, we stay open till 8pm and are available on weekends as well in case there are any customer requirements. We offer the fastest service turnaround there is on the market, a 48 hour promise or loan machine. This is important as we like to think that all our customers rely on their Ozone generator, to the extent that missing their OC product for even a short time would create frustration and loss of revenue on the client side.
    Track record

Ozone has been manufacturing their own designed unique ozone generators for over 15 years and are at the forefront of research and development. We have an extensive client list with most being repeat customers. Our product range covers most application for either Odour or Infection control. Even though there are still 99% of our manufactured equipment still in circulation from the initial manufacturing concept we have been efficient in upgrading any minor issues to create the “perfect” ozone generators for all health applications. For example, changing from an analogue to digital systems that are even more reliable and cost-effective that we have always passed on to our customers.

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