Does the interior of your fleet vehicles require a deep clean?

9:55 am 1 June 2021 Jose Fernandez 0 Comments

If that is the case then you could probably be in need of a deep clean by your local valet company. Unfortunately valets are expensive, time consuming and more often than not only ever mask the issue of a strong odour from the car because they do not deal with the cause as well as involving a high chemical content. Ozone gas however can not only rid your car’s interior of the strong odour but also prevent the odour from returning in a sustainable manner.

One of our compact models can be placed in your vehicle for as long as necessary to remove any lingering odours. Odour removal by our ozone generators is permanent (provided the source of the smell is not reinstated back into the car).

One of the biggest causes of vehicle odors is tobacco smoke. An Ozone Clean machine can provide a treatment that will completely oxidize any tobacco smoke odour by neutralizing it. Furthermore, the odour will not return because the molecules will have been destroyed rather than being masked with toxic chemicals

Ozone treatment and its effects on your car

  • Removal Of Unpleasant Odours

  • Sterilization Of Viruses And Bacteria

  • Kills Allergens Other Microorganisms

  • Disinfection And Protection Against Pests

  • Fumigation Of Air Conditioning

  • Oxidizes Bacteria, Mites & Odours Found In The Car Interior

Why is Ozone Gas a better way to clean the interior of your car?

Ozone is a colourless gas that is made up of volatile molecules. These molecules when released connect with other substances to create oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that breaks up the other molecules thus eliminating foul-smelling gases and eliminating bacteria and viruses. Because ozone is a gas, it is able to reach places in your vehicle that generally cant be reached i.e. areas under the seats, inside the air vents and within the upholstery.

A hidden benefit

Ozone treatment disinfects the air conditioning channels in your car. Microbes found in air conditioning systems in cars can adversely affect our health and can lead to the development of many dangerous diseases. Ozone reaches all parts of the air conditioning system and is a completely safe and effective way to disinfect the air conditioning (as long as the correct procedure is followed).

Interesting Fact

Ozone gas is effective against Covid-19! In this study the virus was destroyed in seconds after exposure to O3 (ozone gas).

If you are interested in finding out more about our Ozone Generators and how we can help your business.

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